Essay on Jewish In Concentration Camps

Holocaust period resulted in deaths and persecution of different Jews by the Nazi regime and the collaborators. It resulted in deaths of different innocent people, especially slaves. The Jews were wealthy, intelligent, and successful resulting in the Jewish genocide. The construction of death camps by Nazi Germany marked the Holocaust that resulted in the death of the Jews. Most branches of the sophisticated Germany bureaucracy were involved in the process of murder and persecution against the Jews. The Nazi’s were focused on stripping the properties and valuables of one of the Jews. As illustrated through the detention and killing of the Jews in the concentration camps, it is apparent that leaders dominate through dehumanizing the minority racial groups.

The Holocaust was a period that resulted in the assault of Jews between 1933 and 1945. The Nazis utilized radical ruthlessness to attack different the Jew leader to seek domination over all the other races. Similarly, they recognized war as one of the strategies to facilitate human progress. Besides, they believed that a country, such as Germany had an obligation to facilitate the expansion of its empire through the subjugation of other inferior races. The Jewish Holocaust was one of the terrible and gruesome events in history. The terror began in 1933 after Hitler rose to power and ended in 1945 after the defeat of the leader. Hitler perceived Germans as superior while the Jews were a threat to the unity of the community.

Hitler organized for the establishment of concentration camps to confine and detain the ideological and cultural opponents. The first concentration camp was built in 1933 to detain the Jewish leaders after Hitler rose to power. The Nazis controlled all the media platforms, such as radios, newspapers, books, and music to facilitate the spread of propaganda and persecution of the Jews. The Germans forced the leader of other Jews in death camps and his followers in forced labor. Although some of the Jews survived the Holocaust, they were tormented and haunted by the gruesome memories of the different forms of inhumane actions. The Nazis interned and enslaved the Jews in a vast network of forced labor across different places in Europe.

Dachau was one of the concentration camps, which was established after the Nazis seized power. As a result, most Jews were deported and persecuted in the camp. Predominantly, Dachau was a camp meant for the opponents of the ruling regime, especially the communists. The overall number of Jews grew over time. The ultimate punishment was killing and execution of the Jews in the camps. Eventually, the concentration camp was overcrowded as a result of a large number of prisoners.

The Jews encountered numerous challenges in concentration camps. For instance, illnesses and epidemics were prevalent as a result of poor working conditions. Besides, the feeding of the prisoners was a significant issue among the Jews prisoners. Although they would feed for about three times a day, the nutrition value of the food was quite poor. The Jews got starved during, before, and after the Holocaust. It is apparent that the Holocaust was one of the most horrifying crimes in humanity.

The Nazis administered a massive system of concentration camps that stretched across Europe. Most prisoners were Jews although people were detained for a wide variety of reasons including political affiliation and ethnicity. The prisoners were subjected to different types of terror and affliction from the time they arrived in the camps. The entire process was quite dehumanizing and included a struggle for survival. The Jewish prisoners with a higher status had more desirable work assignments and lived in better conditions.

The Germans collaborated with law enforcement officers for mass killings of the Jews. The women and children were more vulnerable than other groups in the population. Besides, some of the other German authorities deployed women in forced labor under poor working conditions. In some instances, some women had to submit to sexual relations for food and other favors. It is for this reason that they had to make “mutual assistance” groups for clothing, food, and sharing of information. Some women chose representatives to represent their interests.

The Purpose and Process of moving to the Concentration Camps
The concentration camps served some purposes. For instance, they were used to detain the Jews, who opposed Hitler’s ruling. The fear of ending up in a camp was a way to ensure that everyone would declare their loyalty to Germany. It was an effective strategy to bolster the German war efforts. Hitler ensured that the slaves would work to the point of death and later replace them with others. The working conditions were harsh without any form of payment. The leaders enacted a death penalty for anyone, who was reluctant to work or caught stealing. In most instances, the prisoners succumbed to death as a result of the grueling labor and a combination of lack of food and illnesses.

The Germans intended to dehumanize and demoralize the Jews as one of the ways to dominate across Europe. The process of deportation and transportation to the camps took several days to relocate both the Jews and their belongings. In most instances, they traveled for long periods without realizing the set destinations. After arriving at the camps, the German leaders separated men and women. Besides, they had to undress and shave the prisoners. The entire process was meant to harass the Jews and ensure that they conformed to the set laws and regulations. However, most of the Jews died as a result of the severe conditions in the camps.

The Jews were the primary targets of the Nazi genocide to ensure that they recognized the German rulers. However, German leaders imprisoned people from other backgrounds. For instance, the members of the Soviet Union worked as forced laborers. However, the faced common problems of poor nutrition and illnesses. The leaders assigned the prisoners a wide range of obligations in coal mines, factories, construction projects, and farms owned by the Germans.

The inmates had to wear a sign on their clothing for ease of identification. For instance, the Jews wore a yellow Star of David. The Nazi concentration camp facilitated incarnation of the individuals, who would be a threat to the ruling regime. As a result, it was convenient to harass and even eliminate individuals from the judicial review system. The law enforcement officers had the authority to incarcerate people and ensure that they adhered to all the rulings in the concentration camps.

Conclusively, Hitler was focused to lead German and dominate all the inferior racial groups. The Jews had to indulge in forced labor under unconducive conditions. As a result, most of them succumbed to death and starvation. Women and children were affected more than other Jewish groups. The conditions in the camps were inhumane and terrible as a result of cruel punishment. The main purpose of detaining the Jews in the concentration camps was to dehumanize them and ensure that the Germans would still dominate across different places across Europe. The Nazis were focused to kill and harass the Jews prisoners.

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