Essay on Democracy and Campaigns

Senator Daniel Scott Sullivan is the United States senator for Alaska who was chosen by under the Republican Party since 2015. The Senator is currently up for re-election in the coming US 2020 election. He had held public offices before being a politician. He served in the United States Corps Reserves, clerked for judges in the United States Court of Appeal, among other public offices. The Senator was a responsible leader who cared for the life of infant rebuking child abortion. However, he believes that in cases of rape or when the baby is a threat to the mother’s life, the mother may opt to abort the child. He has previously seen the enactment of bills in areas of his concern. He primarily sponsors bills in areas such as environmental protection, armed forces, and national security, crime, and enforcement of laws among other sectors.

However, the Senator is opposed by the First-Step Act seeking the reformation of the Federal Justice System1. The transformation is to be achieved by shortening sentences for the inmates showing greater rehabilitation capabilities. His take is that the legislation would reduce the sentence of the drug traffickers and violent offenders, thereby putting the American Citizen at risk. Moreover, the Senator has greatly fought for the amendment of the second right of Alaska with respect to gun ownership. He greatly influenced the McDonald case that supported the American Citizen Gun ownership right during his era as Alaska’s Attorney General. The Senator has also been in the upfront protection of the Ocean as a former Marine Corps. Through this, he proposed the Act of Save Our Seas 2.0, which was later adopted and passed into law by the current president, Donald Triumph.

Senator Sullivan’s position strongly orients with the values of the Alaskan constituents. His running mate used, the incumbent, portrayed him as hostile to the Alaskan Citizens’ rights. He discredited his candidacy by showing how opposed he concerned the issues of hunting and land-owning among the Alaskan Citizens3. However, the Senator proved his opponents wrong by being committed to ensuring that the second amendment rights are passed. He also supported the hunter’s right to access public lands. He truly represents the values and interests of his electorates. Despite his political achievements, some Alaskan express discontentment with his leadership. They feel that he is more concerned with foreigners as opposed to his electorates. This is brought about as a result of his co-sponsoring Israel anti-boycott law.

Pro-climate interest groups would most likely support the candidate after he saw the enactment of the Save Our Seas Act, which was approved by Donald Trump. He shall also receive support from feminist lobbies and Groups of Women who have concerns about domestic violence that are progressively rising, thereby affecting the people. The national Republican Senatorial committee is likely to support him as well as they did so in the past. The candidate will, however, need protection from groups that oppose him. They include pro-choice lobbies like Planned Parenthood, who are strongly against stand against abortion. Furthermore, he needs protection from the supports of Trump’s extreme policies concerning United States immigrants. The latter does not advocate that foreigner should have privileges over the American Citizens. Senator Sullivan can gain the support of his opposers by actively discussing with them. He can also use the freedom of consciousness to support his contradicting opinions.
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