Causes of Domestic Violence Essay

The fulfilling job of Roia Atmar, a citizen of Western Australia, was ruined after being doused by her husband, who set her on fire. After that, she was hospitalized with severe and horrific injuries, which would take a long time to get, healed (Parkinson, 2019). Her case is a synonymous incidence of domestic violence that is rampant throughout the world. Without the support of vigilant groups and family members, women and children live in an abusive environment unnoticed. Therefore, the prevalence of this vice is at the forefront of health concerns, not only in Australia but across all countries around the globe. One may wonder how domestic violence has many manifestations, despite the existence of many human rights organizations throughout the world (Parkinson, 2019). What is the underline cause of domestic violence in society? Are speculations that women have become unbearable for men the real cause of the problem? I hypothesize that extreme jealousy, difficulty in controlling anger, and low self-esteem are the major causes of domestic violence throughout the world.

Research Methods
The accuracy of the hypothetic causes of domestic violence is based on research that was conducted on a respondent of five women. They were subjected to several questions that touched on their experience or what they think the victims may be undergoing. The results of the research were as follows:

Research Results
Question 1
Do you think women are subject to domestic violence?

Answers and Statistics
70% of the respondents admitted that women are prone to domestic violence and should be informed to leave abusive relationships. However, the remaining 30% were opined that, although domestic violence is a vice that should be tamed, misbehavior of some women attributes to their tragedy.

Question 2
Have you been subject to domestic violence?

Answers and Statistics
60% of the five women admitted to being subject to domestic violence at some point in their lifetime. The remaining percentage could not remember being victims of domestic violence but could account for genuine cases of their friends and family members who encountered domestic violence.

Question 3
What do you think about the experience of being subjected to domestic violence?

Answers and Statistics
The respondents who have been victims described the experience to be treacherous and violation of women’s dignity.

Question 4
What do you think is the real cause of domestic violence in your country?

Answers and Statistics
90% of the women were opined that extreme jealousy from men was the underlying cause of domestic violence. However, the remaining 10% thought the economic settings where women have salaries higher than their partners, is the real cause of the problem.

Question 5
What is the appropriate way forward for the problem?

Answers and Statistics
80% of the respondents thought the best way forward is for the victims to leave abusive relationships. The remaining percentage was opined that the cause of the problem should be established for the couple to reach favorable reconciliation and prevent repetition of the event in the future.

Conclusion: Summary and Findings
The prevalence of domestic violence guarantees the vice to be declared a national crisis in all countries across the world. The results indicate that the majority of women have been victims of domestic violence at some points in their lives. Alternatively, all women could at least recall cases of domestic violence on their friends and close family members. From the results, the real cause of the problem is extreme anger in men propagated by various factors. Low self-esteem and unproportionally huge gap between their salaries and that of their partners are the basic contributing factors to their extreme anger. Domestic violence is a vice that should be tamed by all means.
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Parkinson, D. (2019). Investigating the increase in domestic violence post-disaster: An Australian case study. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 34(11), 2333-2362.