Causes of Bullying Essay

Bullying is an intimidating practice that has massive detrimental consequences especially psychologically. The fear of inferiority is one of the most common causes of bullying. People especially students tend to deflect the attention of their struggles by behaving disagreeably. This negative attention is mostly focused on other students who are better than them academically. The people who bully face challenges like a struggle in academic success which makes them feel powerless in their lives. Such students will seek to claim some power by attacking the people who seem to be vulnerable. They feel that attacking some of the aspects of their personality will make them show unique possibilities hence stand out in the activities. The problem of feeling less powerful can result from various things including poor dressing, parental divorce, or even a relative addicted to drugs. Therefore, bullies tend to fight this aspect by intimidating others.

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The other important cause of bullying is jealousy. It has been established that some people bully others because they want something that the person has. Such people are always frustrated with the other person and are jealous of their achievements regardless of how small they may seem. For example, a student may become jealous of a classmate who always raises his/ her hand first even in the most complicated of subjects. This makes their classmates feel jealous of being outsmarted as they wish they could be sharing those unique attributes. When such students are defeated, they develop a sense of revenge which results in bullying the other student. Besides, envy can lead to anger which makes the affected to express their anger and frustration with the bully to the other person.