Virginia Association of Women of Color

Virginia Association of Women of Color is a membership organization formed with the intention of improving political participation among women of color in Virginia state. The mission of the association is to serve as a catalyst for the political growth and development of non-white women in the state. In addition, the organization aims to address the political issues that are only unique to women of color. Key among its missions is also to take an active leadership role in empowering, mentoring, encouraging, and developing women of color, specifically in the political sector. In general, the association aspires to provide financial assistance for the purpose of political development to the women of color in Virginia.

The association has a clear vision for the women of color in Virginia. It will consider itself successful when the women of color achieve recognition, equality, and proportionate political leadership within the state of Virginia. Its structure is such that at the top is the president, followed by the vice president, secretary, treasures, and then the membership chair of the organization. The association is open for all women of color to register themselves at an annual fee of $25.

Virginia association of women of color was inspired by the national organization of women of color. However, the latter has a vision to deal with all the cultural, social, educational, and political issues faced by the women. The association of the state of Virginia saw it fit to specialize in the political development of the women of color as it is an issue that is still at large in the state. Political equality and development for women of color is far from being achieved in Virginia. In that regard, the association has designed some strategies to ensure achievement of the goals, mission, and vision of the association.

The first strategy is fostering relationships and cooperating with other supportive women associations with the same goals as the Virginia Association of Women of Color. That is poised to provide benchmarks for the leaders and member of the organization. By cooperating with other organizations, the association will be able to partner with the right people as well as get experts to talk to and mentor the women of color in Virginia. Another strategy designed to propel the association to achieve the set goals is political training and development sessions for the women. The association intends to contact the appropriate authorities and organizations to get funding for the development projects that will empower the colored women in Virginia.

The association has also set dates for events that promote the political development of the women of color in the state. The events include; professional development conference which is held once a year. In addition, the Virginia women of color day has a set date which is different from that celebrated by the national association.

Implementation of all the strategies will propagate the success of the organization and propel it towards achievement of the mission, vision, and set goals. Even so, membership of the association is optional. No woman of color should feel pressured to join the body. It is founded on the principles of freedom and willingness to cooperate. Nevertheless, the leaders of the organization often communicate the agenda of the association and the benefits of joining to all the women of color within the state of Virginia.

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