Stereotypical Character: Middle Class

The middle class character typically falls between the working and the upper class within the societal hierarchy. In the western culture and most developing countries, individuals in the middle category have a higher proportion of college degrees compared to their lower class counterparts, thus they tend to have a snobbish outlook. Their income is sufficient, which prompt them to adapt a carefree approach to consumption. In addition, they are keen about their physical appearance, and are more likely to work out in the gym occasionally. As such, they tend to have healthy and fit bodies, and are rarely overweight. They tend to enroll their children to the best schools in order to gain sufficient academic credentials to join their parents in the middle class category. Besides, since most people in this category are employed as professionals in distinct careers such as managers and civil servants, they are key influencers and opinion leaders in their communities. Because of their professional background, they are confident that they can offer sound advice to their peers.

The temperament of the middle class individuals differentiates them from other groups. Consequently, these people tend to be patriarchal, relying on age-old societal structures to make important decisions. In addition, they tend to take calculated risks by resolutions based on future ramifications. Apart from that, they value quality and acceptance in everything they do whether at home or in the workplace. As most of them are employed in professional dockets, they tend to offer the best in order to receive a promotion and continue improving their lives. The driving force for these people is work and achievement. They believe that the path to accomplish excellence is to work smart and offer quality services so that the employers value them. In the long run, they receive promotions and earn excellent rewards.

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