Statement of Purpose Essay Sample

The key contribution to human knowledge by the field of psychology is analyzing and providing critical solutions to the fundamental social, cultural, and political questions. I developed strong interest in studying psychology during my time as a student while gaining an associate degree in acting. During the studying period, our instructor always emphasized the need to broaden knowledge in psychology in addition to development of methodological toolbox for theatre analysis and performances. The knowledge would influence performance styles ranging from the cultural to historical perspectives. I also learnt that development of creative piece of art requires strong understanding and analysis of human behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. I strongly believe that enrolment in BA in social sciences with greater focus on psychology will assist to learn new ways of understanding how and why human beings think and act as they do.

In addition, I am an analytical person who likes to be intellectually stimulated. A degree in social sciences is suitable for a variety of academic fields, and it is thus attractive and suitable for me. The course will assist me to enhance my understanding of general principles that underlie the mind and behaviors. It will help to explain and understand existing individual differences in manner of thinking, feeling, and acting. The course fits and presents significant insights on general philosophical, economic, political, and religious insights. The possibility of progressing and joining your reputable institution is an unrivalled opportunity for me to learn and answer the most compelling life questions and societal factors that influence individual lifestyles. After graduation and as a professional, I intend to make significant contributions to the society as a clinical psychologist through counseling and teaching.

I strongly believe that I am adequately prepared to invest in time and attention required to succeed in BA in social sciences. My final transcripts prove excellence in my previous academic subjects, particularly in social sciences. The success demonstrates my great interests in human behaviors. My academic achievements and interests in acting also reveal my willingness to participate in social activities and teachings to shape the social-cultural aspects in the community. My parents have been supportive and have always pointed to my qualities that I y consider it necessary for an individual to pursue a career in social sciences. Such qualities include passion about cultures, social relationships, and group dynamics. I am curious, empathetic, objective, and collaborative in analysis and solving social problems, which will help me in attaining my goals.

The participation and experiences at the Morgan Barbancon dressage academy in Geneva, Switzerland demonstrates my abilities and willingness to successfully complete social sciences projects. During the participation period, my social tasks and responsibilities included the work with children with Down syndrome aged 8-14 years in a riding club. My roles included to take care, tack up, and assist children in riding. I also gained social skills as a horse therapy volunteer. After school, I had worked voluntarily for Clawi SA and as a sales associate in Luxury Alsatex SARL. The working experiences from the two organizations assisted to develop necessary qualities for pursuing a career in social sciences such as creativity, honesty, collaborative, communication, organization, and problem solving skills.

The critical thinking skills that I have learnt in classroom and through volunteering and working experiences have assisted to develop abilities to reflect and make solid judgments based on evidence and common sense particularly when dealing with a new challenge. The experience during drama and acting performances has assisted to become comfortable when faced with new challenging situations. I always approach new challenges in a positive light and treat them as sources of valuable learning experiences. My strategy for handling new challenging situation starts with taking stock of current situation, which is then followed by assuming self-responsibility, analysis and focusing on potential solutions, maintaining flexibility in implementation of solutions, and practicing realistic optimism. It also involves communication and guidance seeking from experienced individuals like teachers. The strategy will assist to successfully navigate through challenges when undertaking the degree in social sciences. The strategy ensures that challenges remains catalysts of discovering better solutions, directions, expansion of perspectives, reset of priorities, and encouragement of positive developments.

The strategy has proved effective in solving two different and new challenging situations. In the first case, my decision to enroll and study acting in American Academy of dramatic arts had faced resistance and non-acceptance from my parents. The course was directly against the traditional views of my parents. In the second case, the greatest challenge resulted from individual efforts to introduce a new polo team. In the two cases, the initial step was identifying a solid base for mapping the way forward through clarifications to enhance acceptance. The second step involved assuming responsibility by taking actions by getting out of comfort zone. I strongly believed in my abilities. I also identified potential solutions to the challenges, with the most important ones including presentation of acceptance letters to parents and obtaining support from teachers for team establishment. Throughout the challenges, I always maintained and practiced realistic optimism. Finally, my parents allowed me to study acting, and out new polo team tasted strong victory after few years. The achievements are critical indication of capacity to persevere and solve new challenges.
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