Song Analysis Example Essay

The million hits song came as a surprise to both fans of Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars as it was unlikely for the two to collaborate in producing a successful truck. However, the Carter IV album is a reflection of Lil Wayne life choices, struggles, and appreciation. The album has featured many artists not forgetting Mars.

‘Mirror’ is one of the singles in the album through which Lil Wayne narrates his past and present life. In the first verse of the song, he sings about his drug problems, betrayal and the pain he underwent. The mood of the song saddens whenever Wayne encounters people affected with drug, pain, and betrayal. The sentiments he quotes in the lyrics “You looking at me, but I am looking at you” and “and I don’t see nobody else/ I see myself.”

However, the song takes a happy turn when Lil Wayne begins to accept his past struggles and appreciate how the challenges have shaped him to be the man of substance he has become. In his lyrics, “I see my mama’s smile that is a blessing.” He attributes his successful life and career to his family especially the mother.

Despite Lil Wayne producing club bangers, the song mirrors depict a somber tone and emotional voice, which is seldom heard in his previous albums. Bruno Mars provide a smooth, epic chorus to the song that adds more gravity and sentiment to the truck.

The truck tempo is at 80 beats per minute. The melancholy, echoing and somber beats make up the powerful instrumentals that harmonize with Wayne’s’ and Mars voices. Most music producers have rated the truck four stars for its seriousness, emotions, lyrics and the message it bears. The song is a high commendation for everyone who loves music.

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