Public Health Personal Statement

One summer afternoon, I was walking along the beach collecting seashells when a gathering of people drew my attention. As I went closer to inspect the commotion, I saw two boys who had drowned but were still alive and needed first aid. This information reached a nearby clinic, and within no time, a nurse had arrived and she administered first aid to one of the boys. Although the nurse gave us instructions to follow what she was doing to save the other boy, our lack of experience made it hard for us to do what was necessary. By the time the nurse was done with one of the boys, the other had already died. This is an experience that deeply moved me and it also served as an important lesson about how important the work of the health sector is.

This was what led me to choose a career in the medical field as a public health nurse so as to volunteer my service both for the benefit of society and also for my own personal growth. I aspire to gain expertise in this field so as to create effective interventions that can transform the health of all communities around the world.

Along with volunteering activities within my community, I have attended workshops and seminars and interacted with a few leaders in the public health arena who have played a critical role in cementing my desire to work in the public health sector. After having researched various institutions, I have come to the conclusion that the University of Pennsylvania offers the ideal opportunity for me to learn more about this field of study. If offered an opportunity to be a part of the university, I will ensure that I learn as much as I possibly can during my time there.

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