Project Scope and Work Breakdown Structure Essay

The Concept of Scope and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Scope is an integral part of every project. Specifically, it constitutes all the objectives and goals to be achieved in a project. The scope helps team members to evaluate the progress of the project by listing all the requirements and the stages of development. For instance, the scope of the research entails calculation of costs, deliverables, deadlines, and tasks in the project. It is easier to identify mistakes and challenges facing the project by analyzing the scope of the project. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is that part of the scope that streamlines all the activities of the project. In essence, WBS creates effective and efficient flow to achieve the set goals. Furthermore, WBS provides the opportunity for analyzing adjusting the budgets of the project. Many changes take place before the completion of the project through Work Breakdown Structure. Just like in other projects, Work Breakdown Structure will suffice Solar Array Project meant to lower the cost of rebuilding in CA.

Components of Work Breakdown Structure in the Project

  1. Envisioning and Planning. The cardinal role of work Breakdown Structure is to provide visions and plans that drive the project to achieve the goals. At this stage, work Breakdown Structure provides all the resources required to quick start the project. It is important to note that environmental analysis before starting working on the project is paramount. WBS provides the information related to requirements of the law and structure of the project. For instance, the stakeholders should be privy to the specifications, landscaping, electrical details, the role of the community in the project, plumbing standards and other opinions. All these factors influence the success of the project. Learning the surrounding environment in terms of familiarizing with the cultures of community should be the first priority. At this stage, the project leader should explain to the community the intent of the project. The surrounding people should understand the adverse effects and benefits of the projects. All the electrical, plumbing and landscaping should adhere to the guiding principles. The project manager ensures that the workers observe the laid procedure while executing every task of the project. For instance, landscaping should suffice the project by identifying the favorable site for construction of the solar arrays. Poor landscaping hinders the performance of the project. In this regard, the pipes and cables used for plumbing and connecting the sources of power must be of the highest quality.
  2. The Funding. Finance is a central part of every project. Finance is the engine that propels all the activities of the project. Accordingly, WBS provides all the available sources of funds to the project. In this case, Array Solar Project will receive funds from the donations and government. It is a project meant to serve the community and reduce the burden of incurring huge expenses when rebuilding. The main source of funds is the government and the other donations from the well-wishers and companies interested in supporting the community. After that, the project manager bears the responsibility of allocating costs. The accountability of the funds collected is important as it seals all the loopholes for wastage and misuse of funds. The elements of budgeting are spelt out in the work Breakdown Structure. The project management should the available funds to readjust the budget. The areas that require urgency should have maximum allocation. Similarly, postponing some activities is necessary to avoid the budget deficits.
  3. The Plan Making. The plan outlines the steps to be followed during the executing of the project’s tasks. In this case, Solar Array will involve many activities beginning from purchasing of materials to employment of the workers. The project will require solar panels for taping and generation of power.
  4. Regulations and Incentives. Just like other projects, solar Array project is likely to face myriads of challenges. Firstly, the project will face budget deficit. The sources of finance are inadequate. It can delay the completion of the project. All the stakeholders must adhere to the regulations to enhance efficient flow of the activities.
  5. The Development Work. The project will abide by all the set standards. It will seek all the legal documents such as the title deeds and certificate of operations. As a community based project, it will not subjected to taxes. The leaders will have binding documents to enhance operations of the project.
  6. The Construction. After that, the pipes and cables for connections will take a third of the budget. The solar batteries, sockets, and switches should be in the budgeting list. The purchase of all these materials should be done on priority. Finally, the management should analyze the cost of labor. The project should use the cheapest means of labor. The project is not profit oriented hence the need to minimize the costs is necessary. To this end, the manager should have timetable for other activities such as landscaping and power testing.
  7. The Post Construction and Maintenance. The end of the project is not at definite. After the construction of the Solar Arrays, the managers will bear the responsibility of maintenance to ensure that it serves its intended purpose. Therefore, the management will replace the pipes and solar panels upon their damages. Finally, the management will also carry out the inspections and offer security at the site.
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