The Master of Science in Analytics Program and Career Development

How can a master’s degree in analytical studies help in shaping a country’s economic development? Having studied BSc Economics and Finance minor with a concentration in statistics, I am determined to pursue a master’s degree to acquire the in-depth knowledge of analytics. Besides, I am confident that the degree will contribute to a rewarding, yet goal-oriented career. By providing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of big data, the program will enable me not only to fulfil my career ambitions but also to help in developing more efficient cybersecurity systems.

Why and How I Want to Pursue MSc. Degree in Analytics
Considering that data analysis is a complex field of study, I want to pursue a master’s degree to receive relevant knowledge on data storage, analysis, and evaluation. Moreover, I intend to venture into consulting both in Nigeria and globally to assist in developing reliable data analysis systems. I want to pursue my masters within two years and venture into the corporate sector within a short time. The graduate school provides exceptional programs that balance machine learning and business. Besides, the University of Chicago offers a strong foundation in analysis and critical thinking, which are quality aspects in the academic realm. Hence, I believe that the program will enable me to change how people perceive big data analysis and help firms to enhance their data systems.

Near-Term Career Goals
Considering my short-term career goals, I anticipate to expand my familiarity with analytical methodologies and to gain practical skills in utilizing big data platforms while venturing into charitable work. With prior knowledge on big data, I look forward to deepening the understanding of its theory and its application in artificially intelligent systems, machine learning, python, as well as Linux. Being a passionate reader, I have always been curious about the weights of cloud data engineering platforms. Therefore, my near-term goals entail broadening my knowledge and acquiring practical skills in the field of big data.

Long-Term Professional Goals
As a long-term goal, I intend to work with the Nigerian government and corporate organizations to develop an automated, complicated, and reliable big data analysis system. Knowledge in massive data analysis and mechanical systems will facilitate the attainment of this milestone. Moreover, I intend to work closely with the Nigerian government to analyse historical economic progress and to project future growth, thus helping the country to shape its economic development. Thus, using technology, I will contribute to the change in international databases and economics leading to the safety of automated systems. Hereafter, my career goals entail serving my country and the entire world through the application my data analysis skills.

Personal Attributes
I am a hardworking, enthusiastic, determined, and resilient person with a strong background in statistics. While working as a supply chain and logistics intern at Orlando PLC, I have gained technical competency and exhibited ability to work in harmony within a team. Adderley, I am flexible and able to handle new situations. In 2016, I was able to easily adapt to new circumstances when I worked as a finance and transaction advisory intern at GGI Group, a GE Company. In 2017, I obtained an internship at Total E&P as an operations and marketing analyst, a job that requires extemporary interpersonal skills and ability to handle aggressive clients. Internships have helped me to develop a positive attitude to challenges and opportunities. Moreover, my personal code of conduct is built on honesty, loyalty, work ethics, and moral rightness. I have previously worked in busy, fast-paced, and challenging environments while maintaining productivity and quality work. Therefore, my experience and academic qualifications blend well with my long-term career ambitions.

Overall, I am applying to the master’s program to broaden my knowledge and advance my professional development. Besides, I intend to foster diversity in Chicago university community by participating not only in academic but also in social activities. As a black woman, I have the potential to motivate young academically enthusiastic youths.

Additionally, I aim to achieve my short-term and long-term career goals through a milestone-based strategy. For instance, I hope to develop academically in analytical science, communication skills, and teamwork. Once I acquire the MSc analytics degree, I intend to give back to the community by volunteering at Houston and Nigeria. Thus, the Chicago university master’s program is the key that will enable me to achieve personal goals and inspire many people.

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