SFU Master of Finance Admission Essay

What do you think are the three most relevant issues in today’s business environment?
I consider Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and world politics as contemporary issues that influence the current business and financial environment. On Artificial Intelligence, I am fascinated by this technology because, as a future portfolio manager, I will likely manage portfolio allocation and knowledge based systems. I think Huawei has paved the road to 5G with cloud and Artificial Intelligence business. My knowledge of computer systems and smart network solutions makes me to understand how new online businesses are launched. I realize that the current financial environment requires deep learning and big data. I seek to apply deep learning and use of algorithms in the universe of big data. Having a strong background in conducting research and analysis, I believe I can use big data to guide future investors on risk assessment and investment timing. I have been following global politics more closely, and by observation, I realized that it influences stock market behavior. I think financial crises, Brexit and the US trade war with China have affected global trade and investment to some degree. I intend to advise my future investors on suitable securities by taking into consideration federal, state and global politics.

What do you expect to be the greatest challenges associated with taking part in this program? How do you plan to deal with those challenges?
The first challenge is fitting into the busy schedule of the SFU’s Master of Finance program. Juggling work and studies is not an easy task since I still want to work part-time. To avoid fatigue and burnout, I will seek part-time jobs that are closely related to my field of study. I would prefer online correspondence work so that I will find more time to attend classes and conduct research for the postgraduate program. Secondly, I may find it difficult to maintain a level head at certain times in the course of the program. I suppose that the Master of Finance program offers a great opportunity to interact and associate with the best in the industry. At some point, I may start doubting my abilities and strengths. I need to have strong faith and will to overcome doubts about my abilities and strengths. I will also keep working hard and be focused. Third, learning specific advanced models in econometrics and accounting may proof a tall order. Since the program has strict timelines, it would be distressing if I lag behind. To overcome this challenge, I will need to make use of social media tools like YouTube and other library resources to get ahead. I will have to liaise with colleagues and professors in the department to stay abreast with topics.

Elaborate on your current and past experience, describe any prior knowledge of the financial industry that you feel will help you in this program.
My own experiences growing up as a child gave me the initial interest to understand and broaden my thinking of finance. From a young age, my interest in the field of finance has continued to grow. I took early control of my financial position by making term deposits and increasing my savings. Apart from studying accounting during my undergraduate degree, I have been actively involved in the local market and private equity projects here in Vancouver. In particular, I have invested in some real estate developments, one with realized annual return of 17 percent during 2017 and upcoming ones with expected returns of 60 percent in two-year’s time. Additionally, during my internship at Ernest &Young, I practiced using R and SQL to estimate mark-to-market value for collaterals. I derived refinance likelihood score for all loans based on a number of criteria. I also produced weighted average score across property types. My banking experience at OTT Financial Inc. allowed me to interact with high net worth individual clients, local merchants, large retail chains and franchises. I realized the need to tailor financial objectives of clients to match their needs.

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