Joan of Arc Biography Essay

“The history of our civilization knows a lot of interesting people who left noticeable traces. Thus, Joan of Arc is an outstanding personality that may teach you a thing or two. It’s a courageous and heroic girl who fought for the sake of her people. Joan of Arc serves as an example of dignity, courage, and dedication and we should learn from such people.

A story of Joan of Arc hits back to the days of the Hundreds’ Years War. She was born in 1412 in Domrémy, which is France. Her parents were simple farmers. She learned the most common skills of farming and being a housewife. The girl never ventured far away from home and seemed to be the most peaceful person in the land.

Nevertheless, everything has dramatically changed after the king of England – Henry V – decided to invade the north of France. He wanted to possess the entire country and claim it as his own. The Burgundians gave him the necessary support. However, many Frenchmen opposed such a decision and the war become really cruel and desperate. This was when our heroine played a significant role.

In the year 1428, she received her visions. She told that the Saints had instructed her to join the army and defend her native land. Of course, many men didn’t take her seriously and didn’t want to accept her service. Thus, Robert de Baudricourt, who was at the time the commander of a garrison, refused her request. Nevertheless, other villagers revealed strong support in favor of Joan’s desire. Therefore, the commander gave up and granted the brave maid horse and armor. The same year she met the Dauphin, who afterward became the king of France named Charles VII.

In the year 1429, took place the Battle of Orléans. It was a turning point in Joan’s life. She won fame and recognition of her countryman. Being only 17 years of age, she was permitted to accompany the army that took a march to the city of Orléans. She cropped her hair and dressed like a man. The young girl showed incredible courage while she fought side by side with men. She was even wounded, but this fact didn’t stop her. Quite soon, she returned back to the battlefield to encourage her countrymen. Many men recognized a heroine in young Joan and it contributed to their victory over English troops.

After Frenchmen won in the battle, Joan showed impressive skills of persuasion. Charles was not crowned yet and she consulted him to dash to Reims and thus, become finally crowned. Many counselors of Charles opposed this encouragement fearing some kind of treason. They didn’t trust the young maid. Nevertheless, her talent was overwhelming and on July 18, 1429, Charles entered Reims and was crowned. The king honored Joan and left her by his side during the ceremony. Thus, he showed his deepest respect and gratitude for such a brilliant idea.

In 1430 Joan was sent by the king to confront the Burgundian attack. The misfortune happened to the brave warrior. She was thrown off her horse while the battle took place and so, she was left outside the gates of the town Compiègne. Her enemies captured her and kept as the captive for several months. The Englishmen were enough with Joan’s’ heroic deeds. She wasn’t just a physical threat but a more powerful inspirational energy of French troops. They wanted to possess her and exchanged for 10,000 francs.

During some time, the English king didn’t know what to do with Joan because she was a highly religious person. Nevertheless, Englishmen and their king put her to the tribunal. She was announced guilty of heresy and some other crimes. One of such was the fact that she wore men’s clothing and mimicked men. The tribunal was strict and condemned to death through burning. So, on May 30, 1431, early in the morning, she was burned at stake. It was said that over 10,000 people came to witness the execution. Joan was only 19 years old and her burning was a great shame of people who condemned her to the death penalty. In 1920 Joan of Arc was canonized as a saint.

Joan of Arc was an outstanding personality of her time. She was a very young but already very brave maid who fearlessly protected her people. Though she was wickedly killed, it proves how Englishmen feared what she was capable of. We should learn a good lesson from her to be dedicated to the deal we believe in and fight until we win.”
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