How to Improve the Physical Workspace

A comfortable and efficient workspace is the key element ensuring the successful performance of the employees. Thanks to a friendly and encouraging environment, workers can present better results and manage their duties with passion. However, besides the employer’s initiatives, the workspace is also impacted by external factors such as the COVID-19 pandemics.

The improvement and optimization of the work environment is the primary mission of each employer who strives to upgrade the productivity of the staff. The physical comfort and convenience of the employees allow improving their well-being and increase the effort and time provided to the assigned tasks. Even the most experienced and well-skilled workers will not be able to produce positive results when feeling adversely at the workplace. The duty of the employer is minimizing the cases of dissatisfaction and adjusting the environment to the needs of all staff members—for example, the maintenance of the proper, convenient temperature and modern air conditioning system. The working equipment should be constantly monitored and enhanced.

Similarly, the furniture in the office should be in appropriate condition. It should be easy and comfortable to use for staff members. Broken items and devices should be immediately fixed or replaced by analogs. These points have been significant in pre-COVID-19 times, but the pandemics have changed the situation. The open floor should be equipped with machines, which will detect the health condition of the employees, cleanse the surfaces, and check the quality of social distance.

The beginning of the coronavirus pandemics has rapidly changed the sphere of employment and human resources management. The companies have faced the necessity of following quarantine procedures and protecting their employees from the viral infection. Moreover, certain legislations have also obliged the firms to incorporate sanitation measures and social distancing rules at the workplace. It has transformed the physical space for the employees, as most of them have to work remotely during the quarantine period. Specific human resources training has become essential for guaranteeing successful and productive processes in companies. As such, the workers have become responsible for designing their workspace at home. The employers have several possibilities of improving it by providing necessary technical equipment such as laptops, earphones, and other items necessary for managing working duties. Moreover, the use of online communication has become a key component of remote quarantine work. In terms of the virtual collaboration, the involvement of the analytical engine based on SAS platform, will be beneficial for the Talent Management to optimize employees’ training with the minimal financial input. The intensified training will enable the workers to maximize their knowledge and acquire new skills for future promotion.

After the end of the quarantine period, the employees will have to go back to the office and continue completing their functions. However, it is important to consider that the COVID-19 danger has not been entirely eliminated, and the outburst of viral infection is expected soon. That is why employers have to produce a safe and convenient environment for the staff. The correct location of working places at the office and on-time sanitary measures will help to secure the health of the people. In this case, the organization of the quiet areas and meeting rooms should be equipped with scanners which measure the temperature of the employee and detect the correctness of the preservation of the social distance. There is a need to use hand sanitizers and clean the office more often than before the pandemics. Moreover, there should be constant access to fresh air and individual medical masks and gloves provided to the staff. The workers should be informed and obliged to follow the post-quarantine measures for a certain period of time.

In conclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic is a phenomenon that has entirely transformed the employment field. The companies have to invent new solutions for improving the workspace for their employees. Moreover, the aspect of health security has been prioritized and demanded urgent attention of the top-management. Thanks to the implemented measures, the firms will be able to retain productivity and generate profit.
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