How to Ensure Quality Sleeping Essay

Lack of sleep severely affects physical abilities of the human organism and may cause many health issues. In the contemporary world, people tend to obtain not enough energy from sleeping, which leads to stress, disorders, mental instability, and other physiological problems. Therefore, to ensure sleep, it is necessary to plan the time rationally, maintain regular rest time, and exercise before going to bed.

Since today people spend too much time on technologies willing to engage in everything they presume is necessary to accomplish their goals, insufficient sleep might become a daily issue. Without a strictly scheduled sleeping time, people are not able to focus on work or studying, which implicates a lack of performance. “There are multiple overlapping areas of performance that are substantially affected by inadequate sleep, including speed, endurance, strength, attention, executive function, and learning” (Simpson, Gibbs, and Matheson 267). In particular, insufficient sleep today will undoubtedly result in distraction during the studying process tomorrow, which may affect my grade.

A reasonably managed time will enable me to spend time only on significant things instead of wasting it on unimportant aspects of entertainment. For instance, when I had an exam, I needed to review the studying materials prior to going to bed. According to Moseley and Gradisar, the time uneffectively spent before the sleep will impact the daytime (334). By starting to review the materials for the exam earlier, you ensure that you have more time for rest, which will result in higher performance during the tests.

Maintaining regular sleep time is another substantial advice as it allows me to obtain the needed amount of time spent on sleep. As Moseley and Gradisar underline, during adolescence, underdeveloped organisms require more sleep than those of adults (334). Notably, before going to sleep, sometimes you remember some scheduled work which you have forgotten, so you are not able to guarantee regular work. Nevertheless, you can reserve part of the time before going to bed to ensure that this period is free from work.

Exercising before sleep is one more recommendation because it calms the stress. According to Friese et al., “Disrupted sleep is associated with immune system dysfunction, impaired resistance to infection, as well as alterations in nitrogen balance and wound healing” (1210). However, sometimes people might become too excited after sports activities, so it is necessary to avoid doing strenuous exercises. Instead, it is better to do more moderate exercise including yoga.

In conclusion, by applying these three methods, I obtain more free time, as well as ensure more sleep, which enables me to become successful in terms of studying. Moreover, after performing exercises, the next day I feel better, and it enhances productivity. Also, while adhering to these principles, I learn how to manage time in general.
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