Essay on Magazines

Wine Spectator Magazine
The Wine Spectator magazine’s audience is wine lovers, who range from people who purchase wine for consumption in their houses, general sellers and the hotel industry (Azzurro et al., 2017). The consumers of wine comprise mainly of people with a household annual income of at least thrice the national median, which is about $126,000. Their individual income is at least $100,000 per year. The magazine’s readers are generally aged above 35 years, when income is expected to be stable in high amounts. Such people use liquor to limited extents as wine is associated with class and healthy living. The readers consist of more males than females as there are more rich men in the United States than women. Generally, such people are in business as opposed to employment.

Real Simple
Real Simple magazine targets women of all races who have families and are aged above 25 years (Duffy, 2017). The women fall in at least the middle income bracket, of $57,000 per annum. They reside in both high and middle class neighborhoods, such as Atherton and Jacksonville respectively. The women have a minimum education level of a college diploma, which makes them literate and able to understand the importance of taking care of their children well, and taking care of their emotions. Such women are mainly employed, in both the formal and informal sector.

Seventeen publication’s audience is teenagers of all genders ho are aged at most 19 (Currie, 2016). They are of the low income bracket, as they are generally unemployed and depend on their parents and guardians for money. As such, the magazine is used by all literate teenagers of every race and location in the United States. The readers are generally excited about fashion, make-up, celebrities and fun. The teenagers are highly interested in being updated and trendy, which are met by the magazine with a touch of entertainment.

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