Description of Assets Essay

People are the most valuable assets that will be present in this G7 event. Therefore, their safety matters. The identified class of people attending the event includes political figures, their protection service units, Sherpas, the negotiator staff, and the service staff. The political figures will consist of the heads of states and other representatives of the G7 member nations attending the summit. The groups will conduct discussions and negotiations between themselves. People present in the submit are of exceptionally high value because of their status as heads of states and national governments’ leaders. Therefore, these persons are designate as the most critical assets.

Camp David offers the opportunity to participate in a range of activities. The facilities are available in the center range from wooden set-ups, golf courses, horseback riding, ponds, tennis courts, and horseshoe pits. Consequently, Camp David has conference rooms and open layouts necessary for negotiations and meetings. The golf course and other activities make it easy to have informal meetings. As one approaches the golf course, there is a visible driving range for a helicopter’s easy and reliable landing in emergencies. Besides, the basketball area, swimming pool center, and fitness are reliable for informal meetings. The meandering hill trails offer an opportunity for long walks while conversing with different individuals. Therefore, the center is reliable since the security services available protect both event organizers and participants from vulnerabilities such as interruption by antagonistic groups.

Camp David is a president’s cabin has been a vacation home to prominent personalities and presidents over the past years. Historically, Camp David has been used to hots some of the main historical events. For instance, the historical treaties between Israel, Middle East, Israel, and the US. Camp David may house some of the critical information used in the development of peace treaties. Although some confidential information may be stored within congress facilities, it is vital to establish that Camp David houses confidential data. During the G7 summit, it is essential to ensure that all sensitive documents are kept in a secure place. Additionally, verbal communication is reliable since the set-up allows formal and informal interactions. The only potential undesirable outcome is data espionage, breach of confidential information, and bugging devices. However, the available security measures will help control any existing vulnerabilities. Thus, Camp David is a reliable platform for the G7 summit since the information shared can be safeguarded by existing security measures.

Camp David has numerous facilities such as Laurel, Hickory, and Laurel lodges. The facility also has site entrances, lunchrooms, and leisure facilities. Currently, these facilities are not heavily staffed, meaning that they are susceptible to security breaches. Additionally, the floor plans are not well designed to withstand explosions. Hence, some potential dangers include external attacks that can damage the structure, such as through a bomb, car attacks, hidden explosives, and food poisoning. Nevertheless, the facility is ready to beef up its security to include authentication machines for visitors, extra protection at the entrance points with metal detectors, and the use of dogs and other gadgets to check cars for explosives thoroughly. The strategies implemented will assist mitigate any risks that face the facility before, during, and after the G7 summit.

The primary devices that will be required during the submit are computers and landline phones. Furthermore, the dignitaries will have other personal belongings such as laptops and mobile phones. The main potential undesirable events include theft of these gadgets, containing sensitive information of different G7 member states. Also, the possibility of installing malware exists since laptops and phones will be connected to the WIFI. These potential threats will be curbed by screening at the entrance and providing safekeeping of all gadgets free of charge. Any information shared via the internet while at the summit will be encrypted. Firewalls will be used to detect and destroy malware. The approaches are vital in preventing micro-spies installations and theft of equipment.
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