Annotated Bibliography Essay Sample

Murphy, Sean, and Anthony Alata. 3D Bioprinting Of Tissues And Organs. 2015, Accessed 9 Sept 2018. According to the article “3D bioprinting of tissues and organs” by Sean V. Murphy and Anthony Atala, the modern technology of 3d printing also known as three-dimensional printing allows to manufacture almost every possible thing. Nowadays, this innovative technology leads the opportunities of the modern health care services to a completely new, better level. Forcing the development of engineering, education, manufacturing facilities, and many other industries, 3d printing made it possible to print biocompatible materials. As a matter of fact, these may be cells of the human organism and a great variety of the supportive components. Nowadays, with a help of 3D printing, it has become possible to develop and print even functional living tissues, giving a hope for those, who are in a great demand for a chance to live. In this way, the scientists can meet the demand of the medicine for tissues and organs that match the human organism perfectly and are suitable for transplantation. What is more, 3D bioprinting allows to choose the material of the tissues and organs, their cell types, regulate various growth and differentiation elements and avoid…

The Teenage Hero Essay

Family comes first. I learned that the hard way after facing health challenges during my teenage years. You see, many people claimed to be there for me, only to go missing at the greatest time of need. If it was not for my brother’s intervention, I am not sure I would be standing before you today. My brother’s bravery and never-ending solidarity will stand through the test of time as I am unable to think of ways to appropriately thank him for his decision. I had been a happy and healthy child until I started developing all sorts of infections. The symptoms got worse, accompanied by routine tremors of my limbs. After numerous tests, I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia, one of the rarest diseases in existence.