Accertify Review Essay

Description of the Company Accertify is an international fraud prevention organization, established in 2007. The firm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American express leading in the provision of payment gateway solutions, chargeback management, and fraud prevention (“Fraud Prevention Company”). Thesis: Accertify helps businesses in taking a proactive approach to driving down online fraud and managing risk by bringing together thought leaders, designers, analysts, and engineers.

Justifying Postgraduate Studies

There is the time in the life of every person when the need for making milestone decisions looms large on the horizon of propriety. My decision to apply for the LLM program at UCL is definitely one of the aforementioned kind as I felt that I have been moving towards it all my life. However, it often happens that a human needs that little spark of a peculiar experience, event or a set of events for her to become sure that the decision she makes is the right one. When I have been given my first practical task at the Veirano Advogados company of São Paulo, I have had an epiphany that I want to know more about intellectual property.

Passive Investment of Equity Securities Essay

Passive investment, also known as passive management, refers to a business investment strategy that aims to maximize profits in the long-term by minimizing both buying and selling activities in an organization. The approach’s primary focus is on the market-weighted portfolio, which is attained through different means such as imitating an external index’s performance by purchasing an index fund (Appel et al. 111). Notably, passive investment is popular in equity markets, which are characterized by the index funds tracking stock.

Contact, Conflict and Colonization Essay

The contact between Native Americans and European explorers, from 1492 to1750, resulted in a host of consequences from exploitation to wars and cultural conflicts. Interaction between the two different groups led to several deaths from conquest by Europeans, who viewed the culture of native Americans as inferior compared to theirs. With sophisticated weapons, the Europeans easily defeated the established empires in America led by Indian tribes and established their government. Europeans like Christopher Columbus contributed immensely to American development (Tindall, 2006). These European settlers applied brutal force on the native population and exploited the natural resources available in the new world until the 1770s when the American Revolution was witnessed. Between 1492 and 1750, the English, Italians, Spanish and Portuguese established their powers in America for its abundant natural resources. The relationship was marked by violence, conquest and colonization of Native American Tribes. Europeans and the settlers wanted their culture to reign in the region (Loker, 2009).

Essay on Hopes and Dreams

On some level, almost every American hopes for the same kind of life. Variations of the American Dream envision success and abundance. In his book “The Epic of America,” James Truslow Adams speaks of the American Dream as a set of ideals aimed at creating a “better and richer and fuller” life (Shiller). I believe that if I work hard, I will achieve my version of the American Dream.

Arab Spring from the Relative Deprivation Theoretical Perspective

The emergence and proliferation of the Arab Springs in 2010 left many political scientists puzzled. Scholars associate the Arab Spring with people’s desire to dismantle authoritarianism in favor of democratic values. The events following the uprisings in the world made scholars such as Bischof (15) observed a convergence of a confluence of factors making Arab Spring unavoidable. According to these authors, shifting democratic patterns, mass unemployment, cronyism and elitism, and limited social mobility were central in mobilizing people to oppose the authoritarian rule for a more favorable system of governance. Although the interplay between many factors make it difficult to determine factors that fueled the uprising, a broader insight into the Arab Spring points to the relative deprivation theory as the major cause of the revolution that swept across the Middle East and North Africa.

Negotiation Lessons from Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is known for his efforts to end apartheid in South Africa by opposing the white majority rule. He also became the first democratically elected President for the country. However, his journey was not easy. He had to use different tactics to win, one of which was his excellent negotiation skills. The film Long Walk to Freedom is based on his life and struggles. There is much to learn about negotiations from this film. This essay focuses on why Mandela chose to advocate for violence although he knew that guerrilla warfare would not triumph over the government forces.

Stereotypical Character: Middle Class

The middle class character typically falls between the working and the upper class within the societal hierarchy. In the western culture and most developing countries, individuals in the middle category have a higher proportion of college degrees compared to their lower class counterparts, thus they tend to have a snobbish outlook. Their income is sufficient, which prompt them to adapt a carefree approach to consumption. In addition, they are keen about their physical appearance, and are more likely to work out in the gym occasionally. As such, they tend to have healthy and fit bodies, and are rarely overweight. They tend to enroll their children to the best schools in order to gain sufficient academic credentials to join their parents in the middle class category. Besides, since most people in this category are employed as professionals in distinct careers such as managers and civil servants, they are key influencers and opinion leaders in their communities. Because of their professional background, they are confident that they can offer sound advice to their peers.

Astronomy Short Essay

The amount of mass in a star is used to determine the size of the star, and the period it is likely to live. For instance, mass is everything for a massive star since it is filled with hydrogen and helium. They live fast and die as soon as they detonate as supernovae (Schwarzschild, 2015). The Wolf-Rayet – a massive star can amass up to ten time the mass of the sun as the study seeks to examine.

Crime and Detective Fiction Essay Assignment

On January 15, 1947, my life was changed forever. I worked as a police detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. My working day started early in the morning when I woke up to the ring of my telephone. My boss did not tell much, except for the fact that the body of a woman was found on the west side of South Norton Avenue, in Leimert Park. I grabbed my clothes, took a case of tools for investigation, and went to the place of the murder. One hour later, I came to the place of destination. I found that there were many police colleagues of mine and also unknown people, probably from other investigation departments. My case partner, John Levinski, met me and showed the body.