Applied Organizational Behavior Essay

How Organizational Culture Helped Eagle Group
The article, “What Makes a Team Work?” encompasses the successful Eagle Group team. The success of any given team entirely depends on organizational culture. Bolman and Deal (1992) posited that Organizational culture is the tool utilized by a team to get things done. The system used or known as the organizational culture, is a combination of expectations and standards that make the team members committed to the excellence of the team. In the underlying scenario, the team members of Eagle Group had varied capabilities and personalities. Also, the team members were determined that they used unconventional techniques that had profound impacts, leading to the team’s success. It is important to note that the organization’s success depends on the allegiance of team members on tasks given.

All members of the team participated fully, and they used recreation activities such as humor and involvement in playful moments. The eagle group team was fully committed to the excellence of the organization by putting their hearts and souls towards the project. Consequently, the work was done, and the performance was a top-notch one (Bolman and Deal 1992). Besides, all the team members were required to sacrifice for the group where all members and the tasks were put second to the project. As a way of fueling motivation among team members, myriad parties were held in a sporadic manner where each member was appreciated and recognized for their input.

The organizational culture at Eagle Group was also resilient, which in one way or another influenced the behavior of the team members and how they interacted on team activities. Fundamentally, the organizational culture portrayed at Eagle Group significantly helped achieve success. It will be necessary for other organizations to follow the footsteps of Eagle Group. Corporate culture can always be shaped by diversity and ethical bonds that can ultimately lead to the success of a team.

Key Take Away from Eagle Group Team
Some of the elements used by Eagle Group can effectively be used in the formation of any team and make it healthy and prosperous. This group is virtual, but it is essential to note some of the elements used by Eagle Group include humor, and hence it can be used in our team to keep the members awake and do away with tension among team members. Sharing humor may connect individuals while simultaneously making them feel at ease. Also, having vacations or celebration parties will help break the class monotony and view the world anew.

These activities help give a new sight of each team member and connect to their world to be able to know their strengths and weaknesses, hence determining the steering of the team’s success. Using specialized language can also act to bind the team members together. This follows the fact that individuals will always go far when they walk together, but walking alone, one will walk fast but not now. For example, coming up with a new way of sending texts using different codes where different numbers denote the location, team members, and time of the event can make the team members bind together. Overall, the Eagle group organizational model can act to be essential in any group setting for success to be achieved. However, the team was unconventional but served to give a new exquisite experience to be marveled by any organization.
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