Arab Spring from the Relative Deprivation Theoretical Perspective

The emergence and proliferation of the Arab Springs in 2010 left many political scientists puzzled. Scholars associate the Arab Spring with people’s desire to dismantle authoritarianism in favor of democratic values. The events following the uprisings in the world made scholars such as Bischof (15) observed a convergence of a confluence of factors making Arab Spring unavoidable. According to these authors, shifting democratic patterns, mass unemployment, cronyism and elitism, and limited social mobility were central in mobilizing people to oppose the authoritarian rule for a more favorable system of governance. Although the interplay between many factors make it difficult to determine factors that fueled the uprising, a broader insight into the Arab Spring points to the relative deprivation theory as the major cause of the revolution that swept across the Middle East and North Africa.

Negotiation Lessons from Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is known for his efforts to end apartheid in South Africa by opposing the white majority rule. He also became the first democratically elected President for the country. However, his journey was not easy. He had to use different tactics to win, one of which was his excellent negotiation skills. The film Long Walk to Freedom is based on his life and struggles. There is much to learn about negotiations from this film. This essay focuses on why Mandela chose to advocate for violence although he knew that guerrilla warfare would not triumph over the government forces.

Stereotypical Character: Middle Class

The middle class character typically falls between the working and the upper class within the societal hierarchy. In the western culture and most developing countries, individuals in the middle category have a higher proportion of college degrees compared to their lower class counterparts, thus they tend to have a snobbish outlook. Their income is sufficient, which prompt them to adapt a carefree approach to consumption. In addition, they are keen about their physical appearance, and are more likely to work out in the gym occasionally. As such, they tend to have healthy and fit bodies, and are rarely overweight. They tend to enroll their children to the best schools in order to gain sufficient academic credentials to join their parents in the middle class category. Besides, since most people in this category are employed as professionals in distinct careers such as managers and civil servants, they are key influencers and opinion leaders in their communities. Because of their professional background, they are confident that they can offer sound advice to their peers.

Astronomy Short Essay

The amount of mass in a star is used to determine the size of the star, and the period it is likely to live. For instance, mass is everything for a massive star since it is filled with hydrogen and helium. They live fast and die as soon as they detonate as supernovae (Schwarzschild, 2015). The Wolf-Rayet – a massive star can amass up to ten time the mass of the sun as the study seeks to examine.

Crime and Detective Fiction Essay Assignment

On January 15, 1947, my life was changed forever. I worked as a police detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. My working day started early in the morning when I woke up to the ring of my telephone. My boss did not tell much, except for the fact that the body of a woman was found on the west side of South Norton Avenue, in Leimert Park. I grabbed my clothes, took a case of tools for investigation, and went to the place of the murder. One hour later, I came to the place of destination. I found that there were many police colleagues of mine and also unknown people, probably from other investigation departments. My case partner, John Levinski, met me and showed the body.

Conceptual and Operational Definitions of a Nurse Practitioner

Introduction Various scholars and health care practitioners have tried to the definition the role of a nursing practitioner, but unfortunately, a universal definition does not exist. In this regard, the purpose of this study is to investigate the roles of a nursing practitioner (NP) by providing conceptual and operational definitions of the construct “nurse practitioner.” Therefore, before providing a personal conceptual and operational definition of an NP, the words “conceptual” and “operational” need to be defined. According to Hurley and Watson (2016), a conceptual definition tries to explain what a concept is in theoretical and abstract ways while operational definitions, on the other hand, are built to tie down relatively complex theories or scientific concepts to the ground of empirical reality. While the conceptual meaning of an NP-only illustrates what the words mean, the operational definition illustrates how to measure the concept to determine realistically how to measure and observe it.

Short Essay on India

The notion of culture plays a crucial role in the process of defining the function in the healthcare system. Moreover, such aspects as language, worldview, education, and values determine the medical examination in every country in the world. The examples of Indian and Chinese cultures define the primary approaches to investigate the significant tools for identifying symptoms and discussing threats for health. In this regard, cultural differences matter for discussing strategies to treat mental illnesses and medical healthcare as a whole. As it improves the valuable identification for classifying the information about financial opportunities for the system. Therefore, Indian culture has a strong influence on treatment due to spiritual and political aspects.

Water Pipelines Rehabilitation in Phoenix

In Phoenix, Arizona, there is a single-source water line which delivers water to more than sixty percent of the city’s population. Therefore, as the most critical pipeline in the city, maintaining uninterrupted water supply services is non-negotiable. To this end, the city has undertaken to rehabilitate the existing water line so as to add fifty more years to it. The current water line system is more than thirty years old but needs to be rehabilitated, using trenchless technology.

Summary and Critique Essay Example

Summary Powell, R. (2017). Research Bets and Behavioral IR. International Organization 71, S265-S277. Behavioral economics has become popular especially in determining the elements of rational-choice approaches regarding international relations. The field of economics deals with finding the link between assumptions and conclusions. The author highlights that behaviors of individuals tend to deviate from the characteristics mentioned in the standard international relations models. The problem with using the models is lack of individualism since they focus on aggregates. The models tend to offer insights that would be feasible for aggregates, such as political parties, ministries, departments, and interest groups among others. When dealing with the challenges posed in the IR models, it is possible to use quasi-behavioral approach that can study groups as unitary elements that do not have the classical rational-actor assumptions as individuals do. Another critical approach is using theories that revolve around individuals as the key actors. Overall, behavioral economics is necessary in showing the predictions in the standard model that emanate from varied assumptions.

Organizational Behavior Problems in Walmart Essay

Introduction The paper at hand presents an analysis of the organizational behavior (OB) challenges that the leading retail corporation, Walmart Inc. faces in its daily operations. In particular, it focuses on analyzing various organizational behavior issues that are significant to the activities of the company to identify the present-day business problems that it experiences. Before problem identification and analysis, a brief overview of the company is provided. Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart is a US retail chain operator that runs over 11,200 discount department stores, grocery stores, and hypermarkets. The multinational retailer, which was established by Sam Walton in 1962, operates in the U.S. and Canada under the brand name ‘Walmart; in the U.K. as ‘Asda’; as ‘Seiyu Group’ in Japan; as ‘Best Price’ in India, and as ‘Walmart de México y Centroamérica’ in Central America and Mexico (Gopalakrishna, Subramanian, & Fleischmann, 2016). Regarding revenue, Walmart is the largest corporation in the world operating with over $500 billion in receipts. It is noteworthy that, the company’s slogan is “Save more. Live better” as its strategy is designed to allow it extend the lowest prices possible to its clients.