Revolutionary Mothers Book Review Essay

Carol Berkin’s Revolutionary Mothers: Women in the Struggle for Independence provides a multi-faceted perspective of how women influenced and were influenced by the eighteenth century Revolutionary War. Berkin incorporates viewpoints of female loyalists and patriots, wives of generals, African American and Indian women, and women who did camp duties, among others. In the introduction, Berkin mentions that when it comes to the war, the efforts of three women namely Abigail Adams, Betsy Ross, and Molly Pitcher were highly discussed. Nevertheless, as the author explains, beyond these three personalities, there were a number of forgotten women who performed significant roles during the war as caretakers, military cohorts, organizers of political movements, and even as soldiers. Continue reading “Revolutionary Mothers Book Review Essay”

Human Gene Editing Essay

The problem related to the invention of editing the human germline gene is that it interferes with the original gene orientation. The ethical issue discussed in this journal is tampering with the human genes and the traits expected to be carried forward on to other future generations. Though the invention involves the use of “Crispr” a gene editing tool that is fast, easy to use, accurate, and of a low cost, it is considered an ethical dilemma relating to an evident case of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which was later discovered to be carcinogenic and accumulate in crops too (Ormond, 2017). This became a hazard to both the plants, that is environment and to human beings who feed on the animals that feed on plants containing the PCBs. Continue reading “Human Gene Editing Essay”

Food Study Essay

Responsibility simply means having control over someone. Taking responsibility may become very complicated, more so when trying to account for the life exchanged to feed us. Therefore, it is the state’s responsibility to provide land for the famers, offer education to farmers, such as technological ways of farming and also develop means of transport to enable farmers move their produce from the firms to urban centers. On the other hand, it is the company’s responsibility to protect farmers since farmers are working hard to provide them with raw materials; hence it is their responsibility is to ensure that the farmer’s effort is equated to the amount paid. Individuals also have the responsibility over the amount of food they consume since too much food intake may lead to obesity, and thus, they should be cautious of their daily consumptions. Finally, the community should ensure that available food is shared among the households depending on their respective needs (William, 1972). Moreover, they should also ensure food quality and safety besides the availability being in variety. Furthermore, each community should ensure that every member of a family benefits from the food consumed to have a good health status. Hence, the main aim of the community is to advance household food safety. Continue reading “Food Study Essay”

Concert Report Essay

I attended a Lil baby free fan concert held on April 2018 at Kansas City. Lil Baby is among the fast rising artists in Atlanta with extensive support from Quality Control Music. The label was established in 2012 and has contributed to the success of artists such as Lil Yatchy, Migos, and Rich the Kid making it a crucial player in the growth and expansion of trap music. Despite joining the group in 2018, Lil Baby has released over four songs with several viral hits. The Tuesday night concert at the Truman was electrifying though Baby’s performance with some of his tour mates displeased the crowd as they did not meet their expectations. They wasted an ideal opportunity that would cement Quality Control’s Music position in the hearts of his fans. Continue reading “Concert Report Essay”

How to Install a Window Essay

Modern windows are significant since they undertake several functions. Windows help in establishing a home’s visual character. Windows also allow both the air and light in the house. More so, windows help in framing views from inside the building. Previously, window installation processes involved setting, leveling, squaring among others. However, new installations are complexly designed to prevent water from getting inside. Moreover, the current window installation let water out if it ever gets inside. Home Depot offers in-home consultations to the builders. The company provides guidelines on the steps and the procedure to use while installing the windows to a new house or replacing damaged ones. Continue reading “How to Install a Window Essay”

History of Anemia Research Paper

Anaemia is a condition in which the number of the red blood cells (RBCs) is insufficient to meet the physiological needs. These erythrocytes contain the hemoglobin, which carries the oxygen throughout the body. Therefore, having a balanced diet, including such elements as iron, vitamin B12, folate, and minerals, can help in boosting the RBC production (Malboram et al. 191). This disease affects the people of all races and ages. However, it is common in the young women because of the increased iron demands and menstrual blood losses. For instance, diamond-blackfan anemia (DBA) is associated with the bone marrow failure disorders. The illness can be successfully treated with the proper medications, including corticosteroids and chronic transfusions. Many people are living with the ailment and have survived well into their adulthood. Continue reading “History of Anemia Research Paper”

A Different Mirror Book Review

A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America is an art masterpiece from a Chinese perspective. A plethora of factors that were instrumental in shaping current America, as we know it. The factors included power, gender issues, Chinese expectations, discrimination, jobs, and bachelor society. This paper focuses on the pertinent issues raised in Ron’s Work of literature and provide an appropriate response. Chinese moved to the United States of America in pursuit of opportunities to better their lives (Takaki). Life at home was unbearable with wars among many challenges. The Chinese believed that the US was a place of possibilities. Notably, the improved infrastructures in the US attracted many Chinese who moved in to make a mark. The Chinese had a high expectation upon heading to the US. Additionally, the Chinese hoped for gainful employment in the United States. To their shock, they were met with slavery. Most of the Chinese were brutally handled and suffered a great deal. Notably, they were forced to work in plantations with little food, and no pay with their women relentlessly harassed destroying the family units. Continue reading “A Different Mirror Book Review”

The Italian Renaissance Essay

Renaissance and Linear Perspective
The Renaissance was a period between the 14th and 19th century, which was characterized by significant and numerous scientific, mathematical, philosophical, and art discoveries. Linear perspective was one of the substantial progresses made in art. The perspective involved the use of mathematical principles in the portrayal of depth and space in art.

Linear perspective was used by Renaissance artists to portray three-dimensional, realistic views of the world on two-dimensional works of art, such as paintings on canvas. The perspective enabled artists to represent different aspects of real life using their paintings and showcase their skills in depth and space. The artists implemented the perspective by first selecting a vanishing point on their canvas horizon line. Here, horizontal intersecting lines are drawn on a receding checkerboard with a fading appearance on the near the vanishing point. Continue reading “The Italian Renaissance Essay”

Essay about ATIGS

The African Trade and Global Summit (ATIGS) was organized by GAA exhibition & conferences and happened on the 24th to the 26th of June, 2018 in Washington DC. Renowned global economic players from more than 70 countries attended the forum. They included high profile African leaders, multinational investors, government delegates and project developers. The central theme of the event was “Driving trade, Unleashing Investment and enhancing economic development.” The event was fashioned to accommodate the ideas from the leaders in an attempt to foster and enhance international trade between America, Asia, UAE, Europe, and Africa. It provided a chance for the attendees to learn new strategies in business and served as a platform for them to visualize the potential ventures and investment opportunities that are available both within their local regions and in foreign countries. Continue reading “Essay about ATIGS”

Live Love SUP Mail Marketing Campaign Essay

Love Live SUP is renowned for its quality customer service to enthusiasts of paddling. The company is committed to ensuring that its customers’ preferences and tastes are met and that it provides a variety of products that suit every client during the festive season. The organization operates in the global market, which means that it has to cater to needs of people from different cultures and with diverse perceptions. Therefore, the firm has designed a variety of products, such as t-shirts, mugs, and a variety of bags that can be used to gift the customers’ family, friends, and colleagues. The commitment of the corporation to its clients is reflected by the diversity of products that they can buy as gifts during the Christmas season. Continue reading “Live Love SUP Mail Marketing Campaign Essay”