Event Management Research Paper

Why are you doing this? I am organizing an event to be held at Buchholz high school in Gainesville. The purpose of the event is to educate people, specifically women how to apply the Korean Make in the right manner. Stephen Schachter will be the speaker. Makeup application enhances the beauty of the face as they bring out the desirable features and hide the poor ones (Sobchack, 2016). The process of makeup application is an art that requires practice and vast know-how of characteristics such as the structure of the face, the effects of the color and how they are related and optical illusions principles. Therefore, the purpose of the event is to inform those who apply the makeup on how to do it in the right way.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Introduction The article “The US Should Adopt Income-Based Loans Now” written by Kevin Carey published in the Chronicle of Higher Education on October 23, 2011 highlights an important higher education issue in the United States. The author analyzes whether the government should help students relieve the burden of the student loans by addressing the flaws of the education system in the country. The author states that the government should pay more attention to help the students by ending all the federal loan defaults and moving to an income-contingent loan system by following the examples of other countries. He also states that decades of unjust policies have created a growing class of young male and female students with few prospects of finding a lucrative job. Therefore, they face immense pressure when it comes to returning the college loans due to financial constraints. The author wants to draw the attention of government officials towards this serious issue. The overall goal of the article is to make the audience realize that the student loan system is outdated and unfair, which is why the author is addressing the government officials and people responsible for student policy using an emotional and powerful tone to help…

Data Management Research Paper

Introduction Data Management refers to the practice of ensuring information is organized, maintained in order to attain an ongoing information lifecycle. Data management emphasis can be traced back to the beginning of electronics era where data was processed. Data management gets its roots from statistics, accounting, and logistics planning before computing begun (Briney, 2015). Data Management Association International has been looking for strategies to advance the approaches to data management. One of the approaches which have been put in place as a result is the master data management (MDM). Master data management is method used to enable enterprise links which are critical data to a specific file referred to as a master file. The master file provides a point of reference for the data. Other data management practices include; data stewardship, date governance, data quality management, data security management, and master data management (Briney, 2015).

Carly Fiorina Essay

As a leader, it is possible to point out the virtues of Fiorina. Fiorina came with a realistic approach as she did anticipate resistance. In the beginning, it is possible to showcase the commitment of Fiorina through her long working hours. Her listening skills were exceptional which allowed her to understand the business environment. Limitations Fiorina leadership style was ineffective and made her a bad leader at HP. It is evident that she did not apply the developmental leadership program and its components. The appointment of Cara Fiorina as the Chief Executive Officer at Hewlett Packard (HP) was met with excitement as it defied conformity in the industry. It is possible to point some limitations in the leadership style used by Fiorina.

Technologies and Society Essay

The information age, its dominance, ever-increasing expansion and information influence on the development of society, culture and even nature gave rise to many interpretations and evaluations. Modern scholars have shared those who see progress, pluralism, democracy in informatization, and hence globalization, and those who emphasize the danger of a technological revolution and the greater dependence and non-freedom imposed by the global information network. Mass media in our time have become dominant in the cultural space, on the one hand, due to new technologies, on the other – due to the application of social and psychological methods for working with the audience in order to attract more mass to profit. So, new The system of organization of the culture of smartness, utterly subordinate to previous cultural discourses, began to focus on the world of technology and computer engineering that created hegemony in the state-building aspect around the globe.

Recycled Dreams Bridal Shop Marketing Plan

Executive Summary Recycled Dreams is a bridal shop like no other around its location. The shop does not only focus on selling wedding gowns but also attires for the bridesmaids and flower girls. Besides, the shop sells in cash to those who can afford the wedding gowns and accessories and provides hiring services to those who may not afford the items. The discussions in this paper provide a detailed analysis of various factors that affect the operations and competitiveness of the company in the wedding shop sector. The literature explores the external environment of the firm and its influences on the product, consumers, the organization, and potential competitors in the market. The explorations in this work suggest that new product development should bring together all stakeholders and players in the market to avoid failures.

Economics Essay on Market Structures

Market structures play a fundamental role in determining the influence of a business in both the local and international market. The primary agenda of a business is profit maximization and hence the management of the business works towards creating avenues for the business to maximize performance. The market structure includes a number of factors including demand conditions, cost of operations, industry, adopted technology, and the size of the firm. Each of the mentioned factors plays a critical role in allowing a business to compete effectively, acquire market share, and increase the overall profit.

Essay on Pricing Decisions in Firms

Pricing is a critical component for a firm because of its close relation to the operations and performance of a business. It is the primary contributor to the profitability of a business. Interestingly, firms in a perfect competition have no control in as far as pricing in the market is concerned. The greatest desire for a company is to be able to influence the activities taking place in the market in as far as pricing is concerned. Influencing market price implies that the business has acquired market power and therefore determine profit-maximizing markup used in setting the price of a product.

Research Paper on Ethics in Sports Coaching

Introduction Coaches play a vital role in the lives of youth athletes. Not only are they supposed to teach young athletes skills but also life lessons such as tolerance, morals, ethics, and respect. Deflagate is one of the most renowned sporting scandals in the United States. Notably, the term is used to describe the national football league investigations of the New England Patriots. The supervisors began investigation in 2015. However, the case ended in July 2016 after several press conferences, court rulings, and twists and turns in the case (Mandel, 2018). The New England patriots were accused of under-inflating the balls used in the previous match with the Indianapolis colts. The New England’s patriots coach was not ethical in addressing the deflategate incident because he acted contrary to the coaches’ code of ethics that offers guidelines for professional behavior. The aim of the code of ethics is to set coaching standards and protect the welfare of individuals working with the coaches. Moreover, it offers reference points on how they should react in unwelcoming situations.

Migration, Death, and Positionality Essay

During the revolution of January, 2011, the Egyptians, both men and women, united to fight for their right to social justice and freedom. This revolution brought on debates on issues such as the future of gender inequality, the role of women in public eyes, and what manhood means. These topics generated a heated discussion among the scholars, activists, religious leaders, members of the public, and politicians in Egypt. The book, “Live and Die Like a man”, presents a unique discussion on the topic of traditional understanding on the subject of gender and gender roles. The author focuses her arguments on men and she delves deeply into the subject and discusses how men are generally produced as gender subjects. The book further emphasizes how masculinity is maintained and endorsed by men and women alike in the society under the influence of the fluctuating political and socio-economic conditions (Ghannam 9). Farha lived and conducted her study in Al-Zawiya, a low-income region in the northern Cairo.