Investment Portfolio Management Research Paper

Introduction Portfolio management is a significant practice in investment organizations. This is because they deal with a range of assets that must be effectively managed for such companies to keep running. This practice entails making decisions regarding the combinations of assets that a company owns and offers to the public. Furthermore, portfolio management involves determining the company’s objectives and the investments that can help attain them (Baptestone & Rabechini, 2018, p. 407). In the current world, the investment industry it faces with a number of issues that have deterred the performance of most companies. Therefore, organizations in this industry have to ensure that they adopt strategies that prevent them from losing their funds. The high competition in the industry is also causing pressure on these companies to manage their assets effectively. Evans Capital is one of the firms in this industry. The company offers several types of assets including bonds, equities, short-term instruments, and cash. By March 2018, the company had assets worth £500 million. Evans Capital has managed to maintain its funds through its 5-year long restriction of withdrawals by their investors. However, the organization’s fund inflows are still reducing and are projected to be less than the outflows…

China Economic Growth Research Paper

Abstract The growth of China’s GDP has fascinated economic theorists for years. The country has grown in a relatively short time from an underdeveloped nation to the second biggest exporter and consumer in the world. The growth can be attributed to three primary factors, namely, a government with extensive experience in the pitfalls of communism and a healthy approach to free markets, strong support from the primary and secondary economic sectors, and abundant labor and land resources. Besides, the entry of China into the global market sustained the growth. The admission allowed the country to focus on primary and secondary sector exports on a scale that few other nations can achieve. The combination of these factors is what has led to China’s rapid GDP growth.

Research Paper on Muscles

Abstract The study of vertebrate skeletal muscles shows that they have many similar features with the Crustacean muscles, though there are few differences. Crustacean muscles of a crayfish show that as the weight of the body increases, the volume of the muscles in the abdomen increases in a direct proportion. Sometimes, crustacean muscle fibers do not function the same way as other vertebrates. For example, as the length of sarcomere increases, the length of the crustacean muscle fibers also increases. During ontogeny, there must be a constant increase in range for both myosin filaments along with actin filaments to lengthen the sarcomere muscles.

Funding Research on Gun Violence

Executive Summary Gun violence is a preventable social disease that has refused to go away despite the existence of strict gun ownership regulations. Every year, hundreds of thousands of victims of gun violence are either killed, disabled, or inflicted with physical injuries. The trend has continued for many decades while the current regulations only focus on deterrence and punishment. The reactionary approach that often characterizes the fight against gun violence has proven insufficient and should be complemented with rigorous and sufficiently-funded public health research.

Risk Management Techniques Research Paper

With the volatile and unpredictable nature of the business world today it has become imperative to be as prepared as possible to manage potential liabilities within a company through extensive and thorough assessment and analysis of every foreseeable risk, as well as attempting to provide backup plans for any unforeseen situations at the same time. This is a complicated and diverse aspect of any company, and is especially complex in an organization such as Unilever, a globally active company with many facets to consider when creating risk management strategies and policies. This case study intends to provide a detailed overview of their current risk management techniques, the tools they utilize in implementing these strategies and what changes, if any, could be made to better improve their risk management procedures.

Research Proposal on Medication Errors

Objective The objective of the research is to study medication error as a risk affecting patient safety. The aim to understand the main causes of medication errors during management how frequent they happen and healthcare giver. Rational shall be clear based on our objectives. After identifying the causes, it’s recommended that better prevention techniques be used and encourage more reporting of medication errors.

Research Proposal: Entrepreneurship and Value Creation

Introduction Entrepreneurs play an important role in creating value for themselves and the public at large; for this reason, societies that encourage such ventures reap improved economic growth and development. In businesses, value is the worth that consumers receive in exchange for paying a set price for goods. Consumers have a better understanding of their needs; however, they lack the knowledge of the best ways of fulfilling such needs and wants (Almquist, Senior & Bloch 2016). Therefore, entrepreneurs have a distinct responsibility in demonstrating the value provided by their products to consumers.

Bible’s Reliability Research Paper

Introduction 2 Timothy 3: 14 – 17 reveals that the Bible provides every insight that one requires to lead a decent, fulfilling, and productive lifestyle. The verse regards the Bible as God-inspired guidebook for teaching, correcting, rebuking, and educating people about the value of being righteous. In doing so, individuals become servants of God that are committed to propagating the gospel globally with the help of the attained knowledge. The readings are a fountain of hope and a source of inspiration to undertake noble activities for the service of others and the glory of the lord. Reading the scriptures is integral to one’s spiritual life and should begin in infancy for them to understand God’s message and its purpose (The Bible, 2 Timothy 3.14 – 17). In short, the Bible provides valuable wisdom that enables Christians to distinguish good and evil, holy and unrighteous, and right and wrong, so that their aim on earth is fulfilled through service to God and humanity.

Health Care Disparity Research Paper

Summary The effort to enhance health in the United States have been assessed based on the health care system at the central element of health care results. Nevertheless, there has been some recognition that has played an essential role in changing the health care status in the country. Various factors need to be addressed some as economic, environmental and social issues have to be addressed. This paper presents social determinants of the health condition in the US as well as how to fix them. Solving social determinants of health is essential in enhancing health condition in states. Even though health care is critical to health, it is a very weak determinant of health. Scholars have indicated that health behaviors, these behaviors such as taking alcohol and smoking. The nation has become more concern about social, economic elements that have affected an individual ability to contribute to health conducts. For instance, children who are born to parents who can go to high school, there is a high chance that they will live in the environment that do not have basic needs. Individuals of poor quality houses are garbage exposed. Another issue affected that affect health care inequality is racial discrimination.

Policy Brief Research Paper

Executive Summary The Chicago Police Department has a challenge with dealing with issues of wellness for its officers, particularly those in the field. Chicago is one of the largest cities in the nation. It has a police force commensurate with its size. These officers deal with an unprecedented level of crime and violence in the course of their daily work. Research shows that police officers are among the most stressed people in the nation. Their work rarely allows them to unwind. Further, Chicago is a particularly significant case as there is a stigma against seeking wellness services. Compounding this is the limited number of counseling professionals in the force.